• Do I need to be a registered nurse to do this course?

    No, not at all. Our students have included: community health workers, school staff, pharmacists, receptionists, audiologists, hearing therapists, speech-language therapists, as well as nurses and doctors.

  • What proof of learning will I recieve?

    After your successful completion of this course a personalized Ears Made Easy certificate acknowledging your 6 learning hours will become available to download/print - in the end section

  • Will I learn how to do ear wax removal during this course?

    No. This foundation course is designed around the skill of otoscopy and providing ear care in primary health and public settings. Although we will cover the different types of wax and the removal methods in use, it does not teach the 'how-to' of wax removal

  • Do I need an otoscope to do this course?

    No you won't. If you could borrow one that might be an advantage so you can hold it during some of the teaching and begin your practice in our EME Technique. You have access to the course resources for a month - you can look again when you have one! We will provide information on otoscope choices, and good prices on Welch Allyn models, if you are going to purchase one.

What is Included

  • Live Presentation

    live zoom sessions, logical progression, clear concise explanations, lots of resources, photos, videos, diagrams and time for questions. Theresa keeps it interesting and lively, she has a practical, common sense approach - and lots of stories!

  • Bonus material

    one months access to - best ear book list, a colourful audiogram, 10 common clinical misjudgments, top earcare tips and hints, special prices for Welch Allyn otoscopes, a course summary chart and full course notes- you won't have to take any!

  • Community

    one month's free membership, join your fellow students to help & support each other - advice, queries, questions, sharing challenges, progress updates, stay in touch, discuss challenges and celebrate successes! includes a weekly live Q&A session and drop-ins with presenter

Essential Ear Care Course

A comprehensive 'Everything you need to know to deliver ear care' course, 6 hours of learning, split into 4 LIVE sessions

Who is this course for?

Anyone who needs to know more about ears and the craft of otoscopy. Our participants range from beginners to experienced health professionals who are looking to upskill. Nurses, doctors, community heath workers, audiologists and others have all benefited and vouch for its comprehensive learning.

  • Become proficient with an otoscope - learn the EME Technique. You'll feel confident to look into ears safely, comfortably, and you'll gain the best view.

  • Learn the intricate A&P of the ear, then learn step-by-step assessment - while looking at real otoscopy photos and videos together and discussing why they are normal, or what common condition is present

  • Learn how to quickly recognize and manage common conditions - special focus on wax management, solving ear infections, and preventing glue ear.

  • Learn to ask better questions, quickly identify the real issues, know who you might refer to, when - you'll soon be satisfied you are giving the best ear care

Feeling frustrated that your otoscope skills and ear knowledge are limited?

Do you want to feel more empowered and confident to help people with their ear troubles? Then our 'Essential Ear Care' course is for you!

  • You will learn alongside a small group of others with similar needs. Interactive live online class sessions will include time for live Q&A and getting to know your classmates - and your learning is backed up with a months free access to our exclusive peer support and extended learning Otoscopy Community.

  • The scope of ear care can be overwhelming but it shouldn't be hard to learn. Ears Made Easy takes the guess work out and breaks it down into commonsense step-by-step learning. Made real with examples, photos, videos, diagrams, and full course notes to read afterwards - and lots of case examples, lots of interesting stories.

  • And it's easy to stay connected while on-the-go, learning at your convenience with both a phone app and mobile access. And it's easy to stay in the loop with all course and community activity with notifications and a supportive dedicated community.

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