Previous In-Person NZ EME courses

  • Will you present live courses in venues around NZ ?

    No, with all the world changes in recent years we have pivoted. OnLine courses are much more sustainable and more convenient to access for busy people - so no we won't be coming to an area near you soon

  • I have been on a previous EME OneDay course - will the content of the 2023 OneDay LIVE courses be much the same?

    Our 2023 Essential Ear Care LIVE course content is similar and refreshed. The content is currently being expanded and redesigned into modules and in-depth 'spotlight' courses, (sign up for our emails about new releases)

  • Does learning about ear care OnLine really work?

    YES, during the Covid 2 phase I taught nurses in a classroom, keeping 2m distance and over Zoom since then. All students were able to learn the practical skills of 'How to use an Otoscope'. The students ALL gained confidence to begin! Coming back for questions was important - but that was mostly about what they saw, they were confident with the HOW to look safely, and they got great views!

Learning with EME

  • Do I get a certificate as proof of my learning?

    YES, you will receive a PDF certificate upon successful completion of each course.

  • Can I learn at home and at work? on different devices?

    YES, all our content will work well on any device - phone, tablet or PC

  • Can anyone do EME courses?

    YES, the first ones developed will be directed at health professionals who want to learn how to look into ears, later some will make more sense for parents & people with ear conditions and we will also develop a section for Ear Care Professionals

  • Can I share my login? with friends or colleagues?

    No, one login for one person and one course for one certificate. Each person must have their own individual access account

  • Does my access to courses expire?

    YES, each course is available for a specific time frame which will be clearly stated before purchase. On expiry you will no longer have access to the course, even if you are yet to complete it - don't worry we will be clear in how long the lessons will take and send you weekly reminders prompting you on your progress to avoid this! One copy of any learning resources (excluding course presentation) can be downloaded and printed for your future reference.

  • What is it going to be like learning with the new EME courses?

    We suggest you sign in and check out our FREE DEMO to experience part of a real lesson. We present information using slides, talking about the subject as you go through the lesson's. We use lots of pictures, video clips, diagrams, and interesting case studies and stories to make learning the important points memorable and easy

  • Can I ask a question about courses now? without signing up?

    YES, please use our CONTACT page to email any questions. We aim to get every email answered before 4pm Thursday each week - we work part-time in the NZ Auckland Time Zone

  • And if I have questions during the course?

    LIVE courses - your presenter is comfortable with reasonable interruptions - she will answer questions during the live course or indicate that she will cover your topic during the course soon. OnLine courses - each course will be associated with a Community as a dedicated support group available for current students. It includes peer support; sharing hints, advice, challenges and celebrations and Q&A live sessions and drop-ins with the presenter

Accounts & Payments

  • What are the payment methods available?

    Our checkout uses Stripe Credit/Debit card payments.

  • Can I purchase a course for a group of people?

    YES, you can use our CONTACT US to request a 'bulk buy' coupon code to use. Then your admin or each individual will use that coupon code to create individual student accounts to use the EME learning platform

  • Can I get my money back if I am not happy with any course?

    YES - EME offers a fair refund policy. If after 100% completion up to the second OneDay LIVE session, or after completing at least 40% of an OnLine course within 14 days from the course purchase date, you are not satisfied with the teaching or learning, you are most welcome to CONTACT us for a refund - minus reasonable admin fees. We will expect you to provide answers to some brief questions so we have full opportunity to explore ways to improve.