EME is being created to meet a global need for better ear education

  • Too many people live with ear troubles that could easily be solved

  • Too many health professionals are frustrated because they haven’t received enough ear care training and they don’t know how to best help


Comprehensive Education On Ears

  • So that everyone can have their healthiest ears and best hearing possible

  • So all people providing ear care services have the skills and knowledge required to deliver optimal client care and in doing so, gain lasting job satisfaction

EME began in 2008 when a stressed woman walked into our clinic "Am I going mad?" she asked.  She had woken up absolutely deaf that morning, feeling panicky she went straight to her medical centre and was told "nothing wrong with your ears!" We removed two of the biggest plugs of wax - bringing instant relief for her - her hearing (and mental health) was 100% again.

She then became angry - how was it possible that a health professional could look into her ears and not see the trouble but be prepared to state so definitely that there was nothing wrong, and confidently send her away with no explanation of why she was suddenly deaf - no wonder she felt like she was going mad!

At that moment EME was born.

Who We Help

EME has 3 focus groups

  • All of Us

    Surfers and swimmers with frequent ear infections, parents not sure about grommets, families concerned a loved one is not hearing well enough, school children not progressing - is it their ears? So many people have questions and would benefit from more commonsense knowledge about ears being easily available.

  • Health Professionals

    The EME Technique is a system of examining ears. A way of using an otoscope or ear torch to look into ears safely, without discomfort, to gain the best view. If a whole team learns the system, shares knowledge and language, they build trust in each other. And their clients/patients get the same excellent care from anyone in the team.

  • Ear Care Services

    Many micro-earcare providers are seeking the knowledge & skills they need to deliver comprehensive excellent ear care. Often they see the need to extend their skills in microscopy - using an ENT microscope to diagnose and care for ears. They want to know more, learn more, so they can do better for their customers!